BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit
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BIM 3×3 Bearing Upgrade Kit

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Very simple - this is a drop in replacement for the stock wheel assembly on the 2021 original break in machine (not 3x3 RB). With a freely rotating needle bearing, you should not need to replace PTFE tubes anymore with this upgrade. PTFE tubes will also not be sold from now on.

BIM stands for break-in-machine

  • Includes one kit with each purchase, 3 is shown in some pictures just for demo purposes
  • Comes pre-assembled as shown in picture #3.
  • Comes with one wheel screw (Same one you already have stock, this is a spare).
  • Comes with a spare plastic wheel (In case the pre-assembled one cracks).
  • Special screw is used (no idea what its name is), the section in contact with the bearing is smooth as seen in picture #4.
  • Color of wheel is random (white, black, gray, blue, etc.), Pictured are white wheels
  • Please note that these wheels are not compatible with the stock ones.
  • Compatible with all previously sold machines.
  • Does not come with the gear box pictured in #6 and 7 (obviously).
  • The outer diameter of this bearing is slightly larger than the PTFE tube (6.5mm vs 6mm), this means the pusher will travel slightly further, if you are previously using the card spacers, please remove them if needed.
  • Was too lazy to make quality standards doc, but if you own a machine already you should be pretty familiar with my quality.


  1. Remove gear box from machine main body.
  2. Flip gear box and remove the wheel screw (The one that attaches the wheel to the gear box shaft, not the one holding the PTFE tube in place)
  3. Remove the old wheel assembly and put on the upgraded assembly, reattach wheel screw.
  4. Do not tighten the hex screw holding the bearing in place, it is already adjusted to the perfect tightness and is pre-lubed inside
  5. Lubricate the outside of the bearing (very important) with any grease.
  6. Reassemble the machine.
  7. As stated previously, please make sure to check if the card spacers are needed, leaving card spacers in the machine with the bearing upgrade installed might cause too much stress on the motor.

Update Nov. 16: It is perfectly normal to have black oily residue collect around the bearing. The bearing assembly will break itself in with a bit of time and the excess lubricant inside will mix with metal "dust" that is grinded off. Simply wipe off the residue if this happens.

Contact me if you have any questions.