Restock time for 4x4 & Forks: Week of June 6th | Fulfillment times in May will be slower than usual (exam month)
Restock time for 4x4 & Forks: Week of June 6th | Fulfillment times in May will be slower than usual (exam month)
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Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
Plate Support Fork
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Plate Support Fork

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Next batch of forks will come ~ Week of June 6th (new slightly improved version)

New CNC cream version, better surface finish, more availability. Now in stock

  • This item can be shipped out to Canada or US customers in a paper envelope via Canada Post Lettermail. This shipping option is cheap but untracked, I will not be responsible for any lost packages. By choosing this option, you agree that if the package is lost, I will not be able to provide any replacements.
  • Lettermail shipping is just like normal unregistered letters, Canada Post and I do not have any info on where the envelope is. I highly recommend going with the other shipping options which all include tracking, but I did choose to make this option available if you are willing to take the risk.
  • Lettermail shipping is not available for non-US international customers.
  • Replacements will not be provided if the package is lost, but I will send replacements if the product breaks during shipping.
  • This is the only item that I can send via Lettermail due to thickness limitations, do not purchase this with other items if you want to use Lettermail shipping (Although I don't think Shopify will allow you to do so anyway).
  • A max of two can be shipped in one envelope, if you wish to purchase more, you will have to put in separate orders. For example, four forks will need to be separated into 2 orders, each containing two forks.
  • Let me know if you have any questions
  • ^The bolded section above only applies to customers who wish to go with Canada Post Lettermail shipping.
Have you ever tried to insert switches but struggled since the plate keeps falling down or flexing? If so, then this might be the tool for you.
Used to support plates from underneath for easy switch insertion, designed for soft plates, this will obviously also work with harder plates as well. This will be particularly useful if your plate has tight cutouts


  • ~3.5mm, tested with 1.5mm plate, plates vary with thickness, and the effectiveness of this tool might vary as well.
    • Make sure to press on the switch to make sure it is flush against the PCB after removing the fork. This is particularly important with thicker plate.

  • 115mm long, will reach the home row comfortably on 75%s when inserted from the top. Starting from Dec. 26, all units will be 10mm longer (125mm total).
  • 2 sided - 1 switch & 4 switch, with cutouts to allow switches to clip into the plate.
  • Ends are chamfered for easy insertion. 
  • This tool will not reach tight spaces like between 2u stabs, please insert switches in the corners of the plates first before inserting switches with the fork (shown in images).
  • Can be used horizontally as well.
  • This can also be used as a lever to pry the plate upwards so that the switches clip in place.
  • Obviously not usable if you are using plate foam, should be ok with pe foam with a bit more care and attention (tested with Owlab .5mm pe sheet).
  • Also tested to work well with Owlab Mr. Suit & Spring aluminum plates w/ per key flex cuts.
  • Most pictures have the old 3d printed version in them, they are for demo purposes only. The one you will receive is identical to the first 3 pictures (with quality standards in mind of course).
  • Cream color does not show up well on camera, but in person it is a very light, slightly translucent yellow 
  • I believe this tool is the first of its kind, so let me know if you have any questions.


  • Bulk Orders
    • Bulk orders may be possible, get in touch with me to discuss this.
    • No vendor orders in NA, except if you are looking to include this with keyboard sales, I was hoping to do individual sales of these in NA myself. Vendor orders from outside of NA is welcomed.
    • Note that profit margins will be small, since these are so cheap.

Quality standards here

Please note that some of these might come with small scratches on them. This material is soft, and is chosen to avoid scratching your pcb/plate