Restock time for 4x4 & Forks: Week of June 6th | Fulfillment times in May will be slower than usual (exam month)
Restock time for 4x4 & Forks: Week of June 6th | Fulfillment times in May will be slower than usual (exam month)
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[Discontinued] Switch Break-in Machine 3×3
[Discontinued] Switch Break-in Machine 3×3
[Discontinued] Switch Break-in Machine 3×3
Feng Studio

[Discontinued] Switch Break-in Machine 3×3

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Switch Break-in Machine

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  • Certain small parts now might come in different colors (usb port housing, wheel, off-center actuation module might be white instead of black)

  • Cable is now thinner - 22AWG instead of the old 20AWG

  • Accessory plastic bag is now one size thinner

  • Old 30$ option will not be offered anymore

  • No spare wheel screws will be given, spare pins reduced from 2 => 1 - these screws are stainless steel and should not break under normal circumstances, thus giving replacements is not necessary

  • 20 keycaps will now be given instead of 18 - some stem cracking issues was observed

  • 5 PTFE tubes will now be given instead of 4

  • The motors were not the most consistent, my estimate of ~250 RPM is lowered to ~200

  • Price: $33 with off-center actuation module & keycaps

  • Pictures

  • Effects of Switch Break-in Machine on Mechanical Switches – Formal report (PDF download)

  • Since this is not the easiest machine to operate, take a look at the user instructions for a general feel of how it’ll work, also take a look at the acceptable quality standards at the end of this post

  • The machine is quite loud, you’d definitely want to place it in another room when running it. I suggest placing a cardboard box over it to slightly block out the sound. Unfortunately I do not have any ways to demonstrate the noise level, but here is a video with sound so you can get a general feel for it.

  • Holds 36 switches in total – 18 on each side

    • MAX weight on each plate is 1206g (18 * 67g switches), for heavier switches, insert less than 18 switches. I suggest only inserting 1100g worth of switches to increase longevity of the product. (Bottom out force)

  • Off center actuation module & keycaps included – applies more force to the side of the switch (one side at a time, the user rotates the switch plate to break in the other sides). Only 18 switches in total will fit when operating in this mode. I have found that this mode is particularly effective against creams (specifically ~30min on each of the 4 sides).

  • Only comes in one color (shown in pictures, USB housing will be black instead of tan)

  • Carbon brush motor – more durable than copper

  • Injection molded gear box w/ nylon gears (not made by me obviously)

  • Some spare parts are included: 4 more PTFE tubes, extra screws for the wheel & pin – It is suggested that the user open the machine to check on the PTFE tube after every 24hrs of run time, specific instructions on replacing the tube are included in the instructions.

  • In order to use the product, the user will need: Screwdriver, brush, lube (any kind of grease, thicker is better)

  • ~200 RPM with all switches installed – speed changes based on amount of switches & spring weight. There might be variations in speed, it is suggested that the user measure the speed themselves based on what switches are used.

  • Scotch yoke mechanism with removable pin & thick PTFE tube.

    • PTFE is a material with an extremely low coefficient of friction, used in krytox lubricants, in this case it is sleeved around the pin to reduce friction

  • Fully assembled

  • Pre-lubricated with grease

  • Each gear box is taken apart and lubricated by hand, in addition to the included factory lube

  • Female USB type c connector with printed housing – soldered by myself, secured with hot glue

  • Wire connection to the motor is soldered then secured with hot glue

  • Compatible with any 5V 1A USB wall plug/device port/power bank

  • The machine does not bottom out the switch completely, a few thick cards are included to be inserted in between the switches and the base so the switch bottoms out completely.

  • Out of the 80 cream switches that I broke in for over 300k actuations, none have any issues/problems

  • Out of the 100 kiwi switches that I broke in for over 300k actuations, none have any issues/problems

  • These are my results, I cannot guarantee that you will obtain the same results with your own switches. I am not able to conduct tests with every kind of switch on the market. I am selling a tool, not a guaranteed result

  • These are made by hand and small mistakes are unavoidable, please contact me if you encounter any issues

  • This is made from 3D printed plastic, it will NOT run for months and months non-stop, but it is certainly cheaper than current break-in service offerings. Current market price for switch break-in service is ~20-30$ per set, I can guarantee that my machine will last long enough to break in a few sets of switches (assuming you aren’t going for millions of actuations per switch).

  • There is quite a bit of information to digest, feel free to comment on this post for any questions (preferred so that others will be able to see the answers as well)

  • More information in imgur album