Switch Break-in Machine 4×4 LB (V3) - Nebula Edition
Switch Break-in Machine 4×4 LB (V3) - Nebula Edition
Feng Studio

Switch Break-in Machine 4×4 LB (V3) - Nebula Edition

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Nebula edition will only have 9 units, no more will be made in the future

The new LB version features the exact same features as the LS, with rail rods replacing the original slider, the cost is now slightly lower while providing the exact same experience. It's 30mm shorter than the LS

Each gear box/motor will last ~650hrs of run time, purchase spare parts here

Proceed with caution when increasing voltage input, revert to original voltage if the motor gets too hot

No free motor this time (it's not very necessary)

Will ship within 2 days

If the motors break within 1 month of you receiving the unit, I could provide replacements, but I won't be able to help after that time period (I have no way of knowing how long you've been running it for)

1 unit per customer

The rails are prelubricated out of the box, but you might need to reapply from time to time if you run it frequently

Break-in your switches automatically with the Feng Studio BIM 4×4

No order cancellations or combinations- make up your mind before paying and add extra accessories to cart before participating in the drop

  • Nebula edition is a limited colorway that will only run once, future versions will use different colors. Only cosmetic differences.

What's Included:

  1. Pre-assembled machine
  2. Switch plates * 2
  3. Keycaps * 32 with a few spares
  4. Spare circular buffer pieces * 4
  5. Wheel wrench

Key Features:

  1. Dual needle bearing system
  2. Off center module integrated into machine body - no need to attach a separate part.
  3. Steel rail rods & linear bearing for exponentially smoother & wobble-free action.
  4. Fully adjustable circular buffer pieces to accommodate most (if not all) long pole mx style switches.

In Centered Mode:

  • Holds 64 switches in total - 32 on each plate

In Off-Center Mode:

  • Holds 32 switches in total - 16 on each plate
  • Requires keycaps, switches needs to be broken in on all 4 sides to be effective (by rotating the plate 90 degrees each time)

Use =<70g bottom out switches only when all plate cutouts are filled (32 for off center, 64 for centered). Switches needs to be removed if they are above 75g bottom out.

Compatible Accessories (Can be shipped together):

  • Actuation Counter
  • USB timer (I would not suggest using the speed controller function, raising the voltage might cause the motors on this to overheat, I will not be responsible for any damages done this way. The timer function is perfectly usable though.)

Can be ordered with: 

  • Plate support fork
  • Do not order this with display stands. Orders containing both machines and display stands will be cancelled and you will be charged a fee by shopify.

Other Info:

  • Off center mode – applies more force to the side of the switch by pressing on the side of the keycap (one side at a time, the user rotates the switch plate to break in the other sides).

  • The machine is quite loud, you’d definitely want to place it in another room when running it. I suggest placing a cardboard box over it to slightly block out the sound. Unfortunately I do not have any ways to demonstrate the noise level. But this will be louder than the 3×3
  • Carbon brush motor – more durable than copper.

  • Injection molded gear box w/ nylon gears (not made by me obviously).

  • 250+-10%APM with all switches installed – speed changes based on amount of switches & spring weight. There might be variations in speed, it is suggested that the user measure the speed themselves based on what switches are used.

  • Fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.

  • Pre-lubricated with grease.

  • Female USB type c connector with printed housing – soldered by myself, secured with hot glue.

  • Wire connection to the motor is soldered then secured with hot glue.

  • Compatible with any 5V 1A USB wall plug/device port/power bank.

  • Wheel and USB housing might come in different colors like black/white/blue/etc. All other components will be the same color as pictured.
  • Instructions here.