Feng Studio will be temporarily closed from June 8 - August 20!!!
Feng Studio will be temporarily closed from June 8 - August 20!!!
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  • How do I get in touch with Feng?
    • All contact methods are listed at the bottom of the website
    • Do not attempt to seek support via any methods that aren't listed, doing so might not always result in a reply


  • When will [X] restock/have extras?
    • Any known restock dates will be listed on the product page itself, if there are no dates listed, that means Feng have not planned the exact date yet
    • If the product listing is not on the site anymore, that most likely mean the product will be discontinued


  • How do I get notified when a popular product is restocking?
    • Sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of the home page of Feng Studio
    • Follow Feng's Instagram at the bottom of the website and pay attention to the posts and stories


  • Can you open a preorder for an out-of-stock item so I can pay for it now instead of waiting?
    • No, I am not comfortable with taking your money when I do not have a precise eta


  • How long will it take for my order to ship?
    • Orders generally ship within 3-4 business days but can take up to 7 depending on the situation. If the current lead time is longer than this, there will be a message on the top left of the site regarding this


  • What to do when the tracking information for my order stops updating?
    • If the tracking info has not updated in 7 days, notify Feng of the issue


  • How do I change the shipping address for an order?
    1. Log in and head to your profile to add the new address you would like the order to ship to
    2. Contact Feng with one of the contact methods at the bottom of the site, make sure to include your order number in the email. Replying to the order confirmation email will also work
    • If you did not make the order with an account, please send an email with the new address and order number for address change
    • The customer will be responsible for any additional shipping charges if there are any


  • Can I return a product?
    • Returns are generally not accepted, but please send Feng an email if there are any problems with your order


  • What should I do if my product appears defective/broken (either by me or out of the box)?
    • Contact Feng about the problem and do not attempt to fix it if you don't know what you are doing. Feng is not responsible for any further damage done by the customer while trying to fix the product themselves


  • How can I cancel an order?
    • Contact Feng to cancel an order/an item from an order. Make sure to mention the payment method used (card/paypal)
    • Cancellations are subjected to a cancellation fee, this fee is not taken by me, but by shopify
      • Cancellation fees are 4.9%+$0.25 for domestic, and 5.5%+$0.25 for rest of world
      • Sometimes (rarely) one will be able to check out even if one of the products in their cart is out of stock. If accidental orders like this happen, there will not be any cancellation fee


  • Can I add an item to an existing order/combine separate orders?
    • This is possible, do not place a second order and contact Feng regarding what you would like to add and the order number you would like to add the item to. Please make up your mind before checking out to avoid unnecessary order edits
      • The site is set up in a way where one can only check out from their cart. One will be able to add additional items to their cart while waiting for a popular item to restock, and still be as fast when checking out


  • Do you have cheaper shipping options?
    • No, the rates are directly from Canada Post themselves, they are the cheapest prices I have access to
    • There are also no plans to offer local pickup


  • Where is Feng Studio located?
    • Montreal, Canada


  • Can you ship to a proxy address/PO box?
    • Yes


  • Can you undervalue my items for international shipments?
    • No


  • Can you make me a product that is out of stock please I am super rich and will pay you extra for it and I really want it even though it saids "sold out" on the site I'm sure you have extras right?/????/
    • No, sold out means I do not have extras