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Break-in Machine Spare Parts

Regular price $1.00 $0.00 Unit price per

1 buffer order comes with 2 pairs

1 keycap order comes with 10 pieces 

Motor option comes with silicone strap

Motor+gear box option comes with cable pre-soldered, motor only option does not come with a cable

Motor/Motor+gear box combo are limited to 4 total/customer (for now)

Each motor/gear box will last for ~650hrs of run time under normal load. 

Parts for 3×3 and 4×4 are not interchangeable

3×3 plates are not compatible with 2021 3×3 machine, contact me if your machine is a version before v1.20, v1.20 and after will not have to contact me after purchasing

Most 3d printed parts will come in white but not guaranteed 

The files for some parts can be found here